Here we go, I start making a CMS

2016-04-22  |  News  |  cms cvepdb starting
Because after having developed sites from scratch, use multiple frameworks and many CMS, I still wonder, at the beginning of each project, which solution proposed to my client to build a stable website, secure and optimized. One of its applications, fast to implement to propel my client online, easy to handle and of course scalable solution. Continue reading

Linux Mint, hacked this week end

2016-02-22  |  News  |  hacked linux linux mint
Linux mint team announced saturday that it has been hacked and isos links were compromised. Continue reading

Nice (french) tutorial on CSS structures, based on the SMACSS methodology

2014-05-26  |  Social Networking  |  bem css smacss
This french tutorial speak about how to organise CSS code and present some great architecture style, like SMACSS and BEM syntax. Continue reading

Styledocco, a cool way to get Style Sheets documentation

2014-05-05  |  Social Networking  |  documentation nodejs styledocco
Styledocco is a nodejs app that generate CSS documentation. Based code comments, it uses markdown to generate a beautiful doc. Continue reading

Install Sentry to catch and manage your errors softwares

2014-04-12  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  administration sentry system
Sentry is a realtime errors manager for connected application. In this article, we will install Sentry on a dedicated server and test it with Raven-php library. Continue reading

Install and use Redis key-value server

2014-03-18  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  laravel4 redis
 Redis is a NoSQL database to store a value referenced by key. This server software allow to register data like "cached data" and restitute it very fast. Included, a short use case with Laravel4. Continue reading

MySQL, give access to user only on particular database

2014-02-27  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  mysql right server software user
Few lines to create a new database and a new user with full access on it. Continue reading

Distribution process, the assembly line with GIT

2014-02-23  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  git project management repositories
In this article, we will do an overview of the process of project management with GIT.  Continue reading

The right way to install composer on your system

2014-01-31  |  Social Networking  |  composer php
The right way to install composer(.phar) on your system Continue reading

Organise your work, your team and optimize your distribution process with SVN

2014-01-27  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  project management repositories svn
What is a project? This is something alive, movable and growing daily. It is essential to be well organized to push it in the right way. This article present a way to organize all your projects with SVN. Continue reading

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