Archive: January 2014

The right way to install composer on your system

2014-01-31  |  Social Networking  |  composer php
The right way to install composer(.phar) on your system Continue reading

Organise your work, your team and optimize your distribution process with SVN

2014-01-27  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  project management repositories svn
What is a project? This is something alive, movable and growing daily. It is essential to be well organized to push it in the right way. This article present a way to organize all your projects with SVN. Continue reading

2 very nice resources to start with BackboneJS and CoffeScript

2014-01-27  |  Social Networking  |  backbone coffescript javascript
2 very nice resources to start with BackboneJS and CoffeScript. Continue reading

How to configure GIT with SSH to share repositories between multiple users on a server

2014-01-12  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  git repositories
A simple way to configure your dedicated servers to host GIT repositories secured with SSH. Continue reading

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