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Nice (french) tutorial on CSS structures, based on the SMACSS methodology

2014-05-26  |  Social Networking  |  bem css smacss
This french tutorial speak about how to organise CSS code and present some great architecture style, like SMACSS and BEM syntax. Continue reading

Styledocco, a cool way to get Style Sheets documentation

2014-05-05  |  Social Networking  |  documentation nodejs styledocco
Styledocco is a nodejs app that generate CSS documentation. Based code comments, it uses markdown to generate a beautiful doc. Continue reading

The right way to install composer on your system

2014-01-31  |  Social Networking  |  composer php
The right way to install composer(.phar) on your system Continue reading

2 very nice resources to start with BackboneJS and CoffeScript

2014-01-27  |  Social Networking  |  backbone coffescript javascript
2 very nice resources to start with BackboneJS and CoffeScript. Continue reading

Install compass on linux

2013-10-31  |  Social Networking  |  compass linux ruby
Simple way to install #Compass on #Linux (#Debian & #CentOS). Continue reading

All videos conferences of #NDH2K13

2013-10-29  |  Social Networking  |  conference ndh security
All videos conferences of #NDH2K13 Continue reading

Registered to Hackfest 2k13

2013-10-27  |  Social Networking  |  conference hackfest
Today, I registered to Hackfest 2k13 and war game as "Freethinkers". See you for the debrief. Continue reading

6 months internship ended !

2013-09-30  |  Social Networking
This week I'm going to fill my portfolio with my latest projects ! Continue reading

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