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Install Sentry to catch and manage your errors softwares

2014-04-12  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  administration sentry system
Sentry is a realtime errors manager for connected application. In this article, we will install Sentry on a dedicated server and test it with Raven-php library. Continue reading

Install and use Redis key-value server

2014-03-18  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  laravel4 redis
 Redis is a NoSQL database to store a value referenced by key. This server software allow to register data like "cached data" and restitute it very fast. Included, a short use case with Laravel4. Continue reading

MySQL, give access to user only on particular database

2014-02-27  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  mysql right server software user
Few lines to create a new database and a new user with full access on it. Continue reading

Distribution process, the assembly line with GIT

2014-02-23  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  git project management repositories
In this article, we will do an overview of the process of project management with GIT.  Continue reading

Organise your work, your team and optimize your distribution process with SVN

2014-01-27  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  project management repositories svn
What is a project? This is something alive, movable and growing daily. It is essential to be well organized to push it in the right way. This article present a way to organize all your projects with SVN. Continue reading

How to configure GIT with SSH to share repositories between multiple users on a server

2014-01-12  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  git repositories
A simple way to configure your dedicated servers to host GIT repositories secured with SSH. Continue reading

How to install Homebrew on your Mac OS

2013-12-16  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  homebrew mac os
Simple way to install Homebrew on your Mac. Continue reading

How to : install Boost C++

2013-11-12  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  boost cpp
Boost is a Library C++ that acts as extension of STL Library. Here a little "How to" to install it on linux. Continue reading

Sublime Text 2, my modules list

2013-10-31  |  Tips 'n' Tricks
Sublime text 2 modules Continue reading

Encrypt your DNS request with openDNS (DNSCrypt)

2013-10-26  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  crypt dns dnscypt opendns software

Domain Name System (DNS) is the most used service in internet. It allow to identify a service on a network with a name, really easiest to remember that an IP adress. So it is important to use the DNS service who will protect yourself of cyber attacks.


Continue reading

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