2 very nice resources to start with BackboneJS and CoffeScript

2014-01-27  |  Social Networking  |  backbone coffescript javascript
2 very nice resources to start with BackboneJS and CoffeScript. Continue reading

How to configure GIT with SSH to share repositories between multiple users on a server

2014-01-12  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  git repositories
A simple way to configure your dedicated servers to host GIT repositories secured with SSH. Continue reading

How to install Homebrew on your Mac OS

2013-12-16  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  homebrew mac os
Simple way to install Homebrew on your Mac. Continue reading

Hackfest 2013, debriefing - #hf2013

2013-11-20  |  News  |  conference hackfest security
First time at the (Quebec, Canada) for two days of conferences in IT security. Continue reading

How to : install Boost C++

2013-11-12  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  boost cpp
Boost is a Library C++ that acts as extension of STL Library. Here a little "How to" to install it on linux. Continue reading

Install compass on linux

2013-10-31  |  Social Networking  |  compass linux ruby
Simple way to install #Compass on #Linux (#Debian & #CentOS). Continue reading

Sublime Text 2, my modules list

2013-10-31  |  Tips 'n' Tricks
Sublime text 2 modules Continue reading

All videos conferences of #NDH2K13

2013-10-29  |  Social Networking  |  conference ndh security
All videos conferences of #NDH2K13 Continue reading

Registered to Hackfest 2k13

2013-10-27  |  Social Networking  |  conference hackfest
Today, I registered to Hackfest 2k13 and war game as "Freethinkers". See you for the debrief. Continue reading

Encrypt your DNS request with openDNS (DNSCrypt)

2013-10-26  |  Tips 'n' Tricks  |  crypt dns dnscypt opendns software

Domain Name System (DNS) is the most used service in internet. It allow to identify a service on a network with a name, really easiest to remember that an IP adress. So it is important to use the DNS service who will protect yourself of cyber attacks.


Continue reading

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